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At MiTek we make it possible for women to maximize career opportunities and advance in their careers through recognition of their efforts. The program “Career opportunities for Women” at MiTek is designed to help and support our female members.

Our Female Team Managers And Leaders


I have joined MiTek Vietnam since 2015, at that time the company only had 500 employees. My job is to edit architectural drawings according to the requirements of customers as well as to ensure the work quality and their satisfaction. The special thing about this job is that it’s really interesting, always changing and being upgraded every day. I have to constantly learn and learn new things to be able to improve myself and my work even more. You know, ideas are rarely the same.

Five years ago, when I decided to apply to the company, I asked myself many questions about the working environment, benefits, and the nature of work here. I think many of you have also experienced the same feeling.

However, I think I made a right decision when I have an opportunity to work in a dynamic, young environment with many opportunities for learning and promotion. Colleagues are kind, dedicated and respectful to one another.

I realize that not many companies in Vietnam can do these by always caring and ensuring the rights of female employees. Moreover, the company has proactively implemented a variety of caring methods, introduced beneficial policies to female employees, invited consultants and ensured full salary as well as flexible working hours for pregnant employees and those during maternity,…

Although the work here is more about technical task, you can do the job well once you are diligent and willing to learn.

As you know, in the world of female engineers like us, there are inevitable difficulties: professional prejudice towards women, the lack of teamwork because of work pressure, dangerous and challenging construction sites, irregular working hours, unspecified salary, no time to take care of yourself – family,….

Understanding these obstacles, MiTek Vietnam has always made efforts to give its female employees a satisfactory office life: gender equality and employee benefits becoming the top priority that is implemented seriously. Many benefits have been being constantly improved like more modern and youthful working environment.

Female engineers and architects who have just graduated, please join us. Let MiTek Viet Nam solve your worries and concerns. Furthermore, we create the opportunity to provide you all the best we have.

What we care is that there will be more and more female employees knowing about the company in the near future.

Let’s join us in moving towards a new future shaped by you – talented female engineers, a wonderful generation of young people that can grow together with us.

Things you’ll love at MiTek Vietnam:

  • Employee care

  • Diversity of work

  • Opportunities to work abroad

  • Career development


When I started working at MiTek, I only planned to commit 1-2 years to learn more about global architecture as well as my language skills. Now, I have more than four years of experience here.

I used to have many dreams about my future and career as a child that could be summed up in three main points: to live happily, to be respected, and to grow. At MiTek, I have colleagues with many differences yet always stay by side when needed and leaders who always recognize your efforts and devotion regardless of your gender.

At MiTek I noticed:

  • The woman is not the “weak gender” here. With confidence and ability, both males and females have equal opportunities to develop.

  • There is flexibility in working time so that women can actively balance work and family life, no matter if you are single or married.

  • There are always annual special occasions to honor women, to act as a reminder that: “The woman is the beautiful gender”.

  • Construction sites in the U.S or Australia will no longer be dangerous and arduous places but trips that give you unforgettable memories.


MiTek Vietnam is the place where female civil engineers should choose to work with the knowledge you have been learned at the university. At MiTek, you don’t have to worry that female engineers will be limited in their career advancement, and there’s also no concern about the difficulties that everyone faces while working on a construction site.

At MiTek, not majoring in the field can not prevent you from succeeding, we will train you with specialized knowledge that matches the requirements and expertise of the job for which you are assigned.

At the same time, the company always provide specialized courses to self improve. We always expect you to become a better version of yourself. These are the things that I am very enthusiastic about MiTek Vietnam.

Things you’ll love at MiTek:

  • Continuously improved working conditions

  • Safe and progressive working environment

  • Gender equality is always a priority

  • All regulations are public and transparent to ensure the benefits of employees, especially female employees

How Do We Support Our Women?

One of roles at MiTek is to promote awareness, educate and support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our company and in our community. MiTek helps put a dedicated focus on the achievements of women in our business, in Vietnam and around the world. As part of that process, we are so proud and very pleased that MiTek Vietnam has a zero gender pay gap.

Today we’re “putting our hand up” to highlight that we are all responsible for our own actions and our own thoughts. We can make a difference by choosing to challenge and call out gender bias and inequalities. With over 2,200 staff in our MiTek family in Vietnam, we are so proud of the successes of our 1000+ women who have achieved some amazing things in our business and in our community.